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Partnership advantages

Business model oriented to the partner's implementation capacity, taking full advantage of the solution's massification capacity.

Advantages for customers

Quick implementation with access to the largest network of customers in the public and private sector, ensuring compliance with current legislation.

Autonomy and speed with the API

Configure and test quickly, easily and with total autonomy, the sending of documents through the im体育游戏 Invoice Network API.

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Advantages of becoming our partner

Reliability, robustness and market leadership

  • Trusting relationships that maximize synergies and create value, optimizing and innovating your clients' business processes.
  • Access to a robust solution, with total autonomy in the integration with your billing system, accelerating the digital transition and compliance with the legislation.
  • Supported by a team of specialists, with more than 20 years' experience in electronic invoicing.

Advantages for customers

Legal compliance and digital strategy

  • Access to over 90% of national public entities already connected to the im体育游戏 network, ensuring compliance with the legislation in force.
  • Provide an effective strategy of transition to digital, with 100% dematerialization of invoicing, through electronic invoice and PDF invoice.
  • Solutions for the electronic invoicing process of your customers, prepared for the different sectors of activity, geographies and legal or business requirements.

How does it work

Start using our API

Get registered

Create your account with your data to get registrated on the im体育游戏 Invoice Network API access portal.

Go to the Sandbox

Access the API testing and documentation area and get to know all the integration requirements.

Test the API

Test the sending of documents via API according to the available documentation.

Send invoices

The issuing entity is ready to send documents automatically from the respective invoicing system, upon subscription to one of the available plans.

Advantages of becoming our partner

  • Greater knowledge base

    Greater joint expertise.

  • Internal process optimization

    Reduction of bureaucracy and consequent process automation.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Skills and knowledge doubled so does the competitiveness.

  • Business maximization

    Consequence of greater focus on strategic performance and increased competitiveness.

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