Electronic Invoicing

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Receive 100% of your invoices automatically and integrated into your financial system, according to the business requirements and legislation in force. We ensure the legal archive and communication of document status with your suppliers.

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Provide self-service for document sending for vendors, trough portal or integration enhanced cash management

Data Integration

Integration with any receiving system, through invoice mapping mechanisms, data enrichment and business rules validation

Complementary business messages

Required documents to the invoicing cycle, such as delivery notes or purchase orders

Enhanced cash management

Faster invoice processing cycles allows for early payments and dynamic discount opportunities for suppliers

Mass suppliers adoption


  • Sending mechanisms via portal or data integration
  • Use of standard market formats and Portuguese and EU legislation
  • Automated vendor onboarding solutions

Ease of communication between systems

Data Integration

  • Use of pre-existing standard connections with different systems and integrating partners
  • Application of good practices and specific business rules by sector of activity
  • Test and quality control methodologies that guarantee the necessary success for faster massification and adoption

Complementary business messages

Beyond electronic invoicing

  • In several sectors, such as retail, health, automotive, among others, it is essential to extend dematerialization to additional business messages
  • The delivery note and the purchase order, together with the invoice, are frequently required by customers within the scope of the Electronic Billing project

Time and Cash Flow optimization

  • The reduction of conference and accounting errors increases the savings associated with dematerialization and a greater focus on supplier management and optimization of cash flow
  • Possibility of shorter payment terms that allows the application of more advantageous conditions for both suppliers and buyer

Why im体育游戏?

  • Largest network in Portugal

    Major supplier communities for multiple industries such as retail, public sector, pharmaceutical, automotive, baking and insurance, among others

  • Connectivity & compliance

    Connected to all the major networks operating around the globe, ensuring legal and business requirements within multiple geographies, industries and clients

  • Integration know-how

    Over 15 years of experience implementing over 10.000 projects in Portugal and abroad, with multiple billing systems, formats, partners and communication protocols

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